Thursday, November 21, 2019
Frequent Asked Questions
What is the information you need to request a AIS card, whether you do it online or directly with one of our agencies?
Person's Full Name , Address and Local Identification Number.

How long would it take for a new cardholder to get a AIS card after it is ordered?
Person's Full Name, Address and Local Identification Number.

Where do you pick up AIS Card?
FINCIMEX'S Branches.

How to know the right amount in USD that should be sent to AIS in order to credit specific amount in a AIS CARD?
Please contact our offices: e-mail:

How to know the status of a fund transfer you have done?
If you registered an email address in your personal profile as a “sender”, you will receive automatic emails every time a transfer has been processed and when it is credit into AIS card. You could also go to, login with your user name and check the status of all your transactions.