Thursday, November 21, 2019
Terms and Conditions
These conditions of use, we put at your disposal, are regulating the access and use of the website. The use of this site implies the acceptation without any reservation of the present Legal Statement.

I. Consent and Information Notice
As condition to use the service you consent to pay any successful refill of AIS debit card on our Website, as well as any fee applied, to sign electronically; through any digital login or sign to prove your identity, the required documentation and receive via email all notices, promotions, warnings, vouchers and any document coming from our Website.
You understand and consent that we can send you notices, communications, vouchers and any other information related to the service and the electronic refill, including but not limited to the following categories:
- Your refill records, including but not limited to their history and confirmations.
- Any notification or previous, regular or annual information related to the service, its refills and fees.
- Any notification or information related to the rates and other charges, including but not limited to the fee applicable to the Familiar Remittances Service.
- Any notification or information related to rates and other charges, including but not limited to claims, mistakes or the unauthorized use of the Service.
- Any change related to the Terms and Conditions of Use
- Any other required legal statement including but not limited to the refill vouchers
- Any other communication related to the Service.

II. Definitions
Client: any natural person properly registered, identified and validated who uses the services of this site for sending remittances to a beneficiary in Cuba.
Beneficiary: the person designated by the Client, properly registered and validated to receive the remittance in the AIS debit card in his name, opened to that effect in our site.
The beneficiary may have the money deposited into his AIS debit card that is protected by a Personal Identification Number (PIN).
Remittance: the money that the Client delivery to to be deposited in the Beneficiary’s AIS debit card in our website.
Validation PIN: It is a private security code created by the validation system of the website allowing the customer to send the remittances.
Profile: It is the information record that will be kept by our site taking into account the information provided by the customer.

III. About registration process and use of the Website
To use our services:
-You should download, fill and sign the Customer Registration Form that appears in Our Website, in which you should provide personal and economic information and the declaration of your beneficiaries.
-You should send the Registration Form to the email provided together with the copies of two identity documents and a Sworn Declaration.

IV. Proper Use of the Website
You agree to use the Web Site, content and services according to the Panama Law and the current Legal Notice. Similarly, you agree not to use the website, its content or the services sold through with illicit purposes contrary to the content of the present Legal Statement, which in any form can damage or harm the website, its content or services or impede the use of it by some other customers.

IV. Personal Data Protection
Our Website is bound to the Panamá Law of Personal Data Protection (Law 1581 of 2012, Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013) and its current development rule through as many technical and organizational measures are necessary to guarantee the security on the personal data and to avoid its loss or not authorized handling.
Information Verification
In an effort to fight against the activities of capital laundering and terrorism financing, the Panama Law strictly demands the verification and registering process to identify any person trying to register and make a remittance sending through the website. You agree that is possible to obtain information about you as customer in any moment.
As part of the registering process, essential to use our services, we will ask information about you, economic information, identity documents and the declaration of beneficiaries.
You cannot start using our services in our website, until the registering and validation process as customer could not be completed.

V. Customer liability
Customer agrees on:
1. Log on to the website, following all registering protocol to use the service of remittances sending to a beneficiary in Cuba.
2. Use the validating User PIN any time you use our site.
3. Communicate to the website in case of loss of the User PIN to obtain the Customer Validating Form.
4. Download again the Customer Registration Form, sign it and send it to the email provided in case of an information updating at the customer`s profile.
5. Request the creation of a new AIS card for a beneficiary in Cuba, in case it doesn`t exist.
6. Use the security code or PIN related to the 3D SECURE to perform any payment on the website.
7. Pay in our website with the chosen currency to pay with debit or credit cards.
8. Consult the transaction status on our website, which can be the following:
Accepted: The transaction was accepted to be placed on AIS Card.
In-Card: The transaction was placed on AIS Card.
Non-Processed: Remittances has not been processed for any reason or mistake on the communication process avoiding the completion of the operation.
Cancelled: The information or part of it, requested to the customer for the payment process was denied for one of the payment processors and as it corresponds, the operation was cancelled.

VI. Website`s Liability
The website agrees on:
1.Debit the total accepted amount at the moment of payment process through Internet in the currency selected by the customer. (EUROS or USD)
2.Credit the AIS debit card to the beneficiaries in Cuba among the 24 and the 48 working hours, after the payment through Internet was completed. won’t credit the account of the beneficiaries in the time established in the preceding clause for any of the following reasons:
• The beneficiary in Cuba has declared his card lost or stolen. To this end will credit the beneficiary’s account when this has received the new card personally, in replacement to the previous one.
• The beneficiary which the customer asked to make a card has not collected it at the offices of FINCIMEX. For security purposes, our website will credit the account immediately after the beneficiary collects personally his card.

VII. Notice of Changes on the Terms and Conditions
In case of modifications on the Terms and Conditions we will proceed as follows: (a) sending a change notification or a copy of the particular modification according to the email address provided by the customer present in our records, b) publishing a notice in the website.

VIII. Use of Information and communication to others
Through the present Legal Advice, Our Site is bound to Panamá Law of Personal Data Protection (Law 1581 of 2012, Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013).

IX. Solution to Disputes
Through this Statement, you agree that the way to receive or make any communication or dispute is the email you provided in our site. You agree to inform our site for any change in your email address. The relations between you, the beneficiaries and our website are bound to the country where the remittance is delivered.